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Time is what you make of it

You are what you do with your time. It’s your life, you call, so get up, get out, and make it count. No regrets.

18 min to get to work

18 min to get to work

“Taking the car or riding my own route? It’s my choice. To get stuck in traffic, every day, for one hour, or to find my own means. To grab the problem by the reins and trot my way into a new routine. Who cares what others think?! I don’t!”

46 min. for the perfect smile

46 min. for the perfect selfie

“Ohhh, do I always look this good? Is it the lighting? Ok, selfie time! Big smile? This side? No, this side! Today? All sides! I love what I see and I see what I love, I’m taking my time. Not even sure I want to post this, but I sure do want to remember feeling this good!”

A lifetime of unity

A lifetime of unity

“Do soulmates really exist? I look at you and don’t see a friend, a husband – I see a soulmate. Someone I’m truly bonded to. So many ups and downs, so much we’ve gone through. Is this what it feels like, to truly find a life partner? Did time freeze 50 years ago? Because it sure does feel like it.”